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Our Concerns

STAY WELL LEOLA want to share what we believe is going on in our country today is deplorable while American citizens are dying .

There are a lot of misinformation being given out about PPE and other healthcare products and again we simply do not understand why.

How we can help

We realize that there is a shortage of N95 masks and the ones that are available are recommended to be given to first responders and we totally agree


but what we as a business, American citizens as we as military Veterans cannot and will never understand is why we as American citizens are being given misinformation.


There is an option to the N95 mask which is of very high quality and no it is not as expensive 

About N95 Masks

It does not take a nurse, doctor, or anyone in the medical field to clearly understand that if the first responders in need of the N95 mask for protection, wouldn't it be reasonable to tell the general public the next best health products available to hopefully save lives ?

Although a surgical mask provides a little more than 62% protection, we believe there is no way our healthcare system should be recommending cloth masks as a source of protecting our american citizens against such a dangerous virus which continues to take lives at an alarming rate.

KN95 Mask Alternative

The KN95 is an excellent alternative.



STAY WELL LEOLA  is a company that is committed to all communities and all American citizens 100% and we believe if you have an opportunity to have access to PPE and other healthcare products that are FDA APPROVED, you certainly need to take advantage of it because you, your family, and love ones lives depends on it. We are not politicians, but we are first American citizens and then military Veterans who have served our country with honor.

This is why it is unbelievable to us that it is NOT being told that other than the N95 mask, there is another mask option that will keep you very safe in your homes and in the public.


When selecting a face mask, make sure you're purchasing a FDA,authentic, certified, or lab tested approved mask.

You and your family lives depend on it!

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